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Brandy Sawyer with Husband and Son
Brandy Sawyer with husband and son.

Some Information About Brandy Sawyer

Brandy Sawyer is an amazing woman who is involved in many things–not to mention she is the mother of two boys and a wife. Sawyer has a slightly different life than most: her oldest son has autism, which makes life a bit interesting. She stated, “In our home, we celebrate the little things, and we laugh as much as possible.”
Sawyer also volunteers for the Boy Scouts of America, serving as the district’s membership chair, the day camp director for the area, and a trainer for people coming into new scouting positions. “I work about 40 hours a week, sometimes more,” she stated. She also helps with Troop 115 in Bono and is involved in Friends of Scouting Campaigns to help raise money for the council.
Sawyer describes herself as a lively person, who is enjoyed by others around her. She loves to travel, camp, hike, and geocache. A member of the NEA Jeep Club,along with her husband Joey, she loves to trail ride with others and also attends church.
Sawyer was raised in Egypt, Arkansas and moved into the community roughly two years ago. She is known for always being cheerful and cutting up. According to Sawyer, Bono is heading in a wonderful direction, and she is grateful that it has a wonderful mayor and city council, who are working hard every day to make Bono a wonderful place. “I would love to see more community involvement,” she stated. She would also love to see community sports and stated, “I would love to see more people involved in scouts. I love kids, so anything to help them out is wonderful.”
By Jacklyn Stringer