Pro Bono Issue # 2

Pro Bono
Spring 2015

Hello, I’m Dan Shaw. Thank you for electing me as Mayor of this wonderful City. I am doing my best to accomplish something each day that will make Bono a better place. “Pro Bono” is the name that I am giving the City’s newsletter which I plan to write and make available to you 4 times a year. This will allow me to communicate to you various things and plans which are of concern to the citizens of Bono. When we hear the words, “pro-bono”, we generally think of a lawyer doing free legal work. Actually, it is a Latin phrase which means, “for good”. So, that means that the word bono means good. How fitting! What we have to do, is, make sure we help our City live up to that name. How do we do that? Here’s some ideas. We can do our best to keep our properties and houses neat and clean and maintained, so passers by will say, “this is a place I would like to live”. We can heed the ordinances we have concerning dogs and keep our dogs up. We can stay out of the news, unless we have good news to share. We can, as citizens, start projecting a sense of pride in our City. If we begin doing these things, little by little, we will transform our City into, not only a place which we are more proud of, but a City that is more respected in the surrounding communities. Yours for a better Bono—Dan Shaw

Heart Health Weekend
On May 8th at 3:00 St. Bernard’s will be at the Community Building for a free health screening. This is an excellent opportunity to get your blood pressure, heart rate, cholesterol, and other vitals checked. Also, on May 8th at 10:00 a home economist will come to the Senior Citizens Building and give some healthy cooking classes and at 4:00 she will be at the Community Building for healthy snacking classes. There will be gift certificates given away so the winners will be able to go and buy some of the foods that we will be learning about. Friday evening at 6:30 we will have a 5K race. T-shirts will be included with registration and trophies will be awarded. Saturday morning we will have a heart walk at 9:30 and more certificates will be given away. Also, on that day we will begin a 100 day weight loss challenge. We will have individual weigh ins, and the whole group will go to Inboden’s and weigh as a group on their truck scales. At the end of the 100 days, not only will you know how much you lost as an individual, but we will know how much we lost as a City. I encourage you to be a part of this. It’s all free except the 5K run which is $20.00. For more information or to register for the 5K, call Dan Shaw at 870-932-0100 or go to our website Also you can register at or

Future Plans
We are planning to begin work on College Street very soon. When it’s done we will have a wider street and curbs, gutters, and sidewalks. After that we are planning to do a project on Michael Street form Danny to Robin. That should include enclosing the ditch with a tile and installing a sidewalk. All of these projects are very expensive, and we are trying to get the most from the money we have, as well as, applying for grants as we go.
We now have a Bono web site! This is a long awaited addition to our City services. You will be able to go on that site and see city history, elected officials, city employees, current and future plans, announcements, and learn interesting things about our citizens. But best of all, you will be able to pay your water bill on that site. Check it out, but remember, it’s a work in progress, and we will be tweaking it until we get it right. The address is, To view the quarterly newsletter go to

Upcoming Events
May 7: National Day of Prayer
May 8 & 9: Heart Health Weekend and 100 Day Weight Loss Challenge
May 16: Senior Citizens Cookout with the Bono Police Dept.
June 27 Fun Day: Fun Day in the Park
More events will be announced in future newsletters