What does “Pro Bono” mean?

Hello, I’m Dan Shaw. Thank you for electing me as Mayor of this wonderful City. I am doing my best to accomplish something each day that will make Bono a better place. “Pro Bono” is the name that I am giving the City’s newsletter which I plan to write and make available to you 4 times a year. This will allow me to communicate to you various things and plans which are of concern to the citizens of Bono. When we hear the words, “pro-bono”, we generally think of a lawyer doing free legal work. Actually, it is a Latin phrase which means, “for good”. So, that means that the word bono means good. How fitting! What we have to do is make sure we help our City live up to that name. How do we do that? Here’s some ideas. We can do our best to keep our properties and houses neat and clean and maintained, so passers by will say, “this is a place I would like to live”. We can heed the ordinances we have concerning dogs and keep our dogs up. We can stay out of the news, unless we have good news to share. We can, as citizens, start projecting a sense of pride in our City. If we begin doing these things, little by little, we will transform our City into, not only a place which we are more proud of, but a City that is more respected in the surrounding communities. Yours for a better Bono—Dan Shaw

Pro Bono

 April 21, 2021

Springtime is upon us! The past year has been challenging for us all. Hopefully, we are embarking on better times. I know that many are tired of the COVID restrictions and the worries, which go along with it. We are now able to open the lobby of City Hall after a year of being closed to the public. Thank you for your patience. We realize that having the lobby closed has made it difficult. Maybe we can get back to some of the things which we have always enjoyed in the past.

College Street- Thank you for your patience in dealing with the improvements which have been done. We are now done with Phase 2, which is halfway through the project. We will, soon, be bidding out phases 3 &4 and doing them at the same time. We expect this to be done early to mid-year 2022. We have received grants for these two phases totaling $630K.

Park Restrooms– These are being finished up at this time. We are hoping to have them ready for use by June 15. This will make a visit to the park much more enjoyable.

Clean Sweep-The truck will only run on your street one time this year, Monday June 7th and Wednesday June 9th. Monday will be normal Tuesday routes and Wednesday will be the normal Thursday Route. This is just for the Clean Sweep week.

All clean sweep items must be placed curbside for pickup, separate from regular house hold garbage in carts. Clean Sweep items must be constrained bundles or in bags, weighing no more than 30 pounds. All trash and clean sweep items must be set out by 7:00 a.m. on your clean sweep day. If your regular trash pick-up is on a Tuesday your clean sweep items must also be set out on June 7th, if your regular trash pick-up days are on Thursday, your clean sweep items must be set out on June 9th. Any items set out after Clean Sweep will be charged a minimum of $25.00 to $50.00.

    Please remember, do not set items near or by highline wires and remember if you cannot pick it up neither can we.

Acceptable items include Furniture, Mattresses, Box Springs, Televisions, clothing, bedding, small appliances (without freon), General household items, boxes, magazines, newspapers, empty dried paint cans, aluminum cans, empty bottles and jugs.

Large bulky items must be bagged or bundle in weights of no more than 30 pounds.

Please note we cannot clean up piles of loose items and trash that have not been bagged or bundled.

Items we can-not accept based on the landfill regulations: Large household appliances, new or used car parts, large implements, scrap metal excess of 10 pounds, dead animals of any kind, liquids of any kind, chemicals, medical waste, wood, limbs, brush, leaves or grass, no hazardous material of any kind, no construction or remodeling debris, carpet or padding, paint, oil, tires, batteries, oil filters, piles of Bricks or tiles, concrete or lumber.

Leash Law- We are having a lot of problems with dogs running loose. There is a leash law in Bono! If your dog is caught running loose, you will be given a ticket. This is a dangerous problem for the dogs and people as well. If your dog bites someone, you will be held responsible, and your dog may have to be put down. Be a good neighbor and a responsible pet owner.

Yours for a Better Bono

Danny C, Shaw-Mayor