Pro Bono (issued September 27, 2017)

What does “Pro Bono” mean?

Hello, I’m Dan Shaw. Thank you for electing me as Mayor of this wonderful City. I am doing my best to accomplish something each day that will make Bono a better place. “Pro Bono” is the name that I am giving the City’s newsletter which I plan to write and make available to you 4 times a year. This will allow me to communicate to you various things and plans which are of concern to the citizens of Bono. When we hear the words, “pro-bono”, we generally think of a lawyer doing free legal work. Actually, it is a Latin phrase which means, “for good”. So, that means that the word bono means good. How fitting! What we have to do, is, make sure we help our City live up to that name. How do we do that? Here’s some ideas. We can do our best to keep our properties and houses neat and clean and maintained, so passers by will say, “this is a place I would like to live”. We can heed the ordinances we have concerning dogs and keep our dogs up. We can stay out of the news, unless we have good news to share. We can, as citizens, start projecting a sense of pride in our City. If we begin doing these things, little by little, we will transform our City into, not only a place which we are more proud of, but a City that is more respected in the surrounding communities. Yours for a better Bono—Dan Shaw

Pro Bono

October 12, 2018

Today is the first day that feels like fall weather. Just a few days ago, we had heat and humidity, which seemed more like August than October. This is an exciting time of year, with football season, Fall Festivals, the opening of hunting season, and more pleasant temperatures. This is a perfect time to enjoy some outdoor activity in one of our wonderful city parks. The streets are now paved in the new Legacy Park, and the playground is ready for enjoyment, as are the pavilions and grills. There is some new playground equipment in the Bono City Park, and the Ralph Lee Park is mowed and ready for use as well. We will try to replace some of the old equipment there soon. We ask you to use those facilities as often as you can. Please pick up behind yourself, and always report vandalism and bullying to the Bono Police Department. The New Legacy Park was funded with a $194,500.00 grant from the Arkansas Parks and Recreation Department.
Bono Harvest festival- This will be the first year for this. We plan to make an annual event, which we can all look forward to. This will take place in the new Legacy Park on October 20th from 10am to 5pm. You can enter the park from College Street or Oak Street. We will have vendors, D.J. music, a petting zoo, the Crowleys Ridge Cloggers, a bean bag baseball game, a chili contest, bounce houses, karaoke, and more. Please come out and support this event.
The progress on College Street is going a little slower than expected, due to most of the Entergy personnel being called away to help in the hurricane aftermath. They have been in the process of moving some power poles, which has caused a bottleneck. This progress will require some patience from you, as it will be inconvenient at times. But, the finished product will make our city safer and more beautiful. This current phase will end at Lenford Street, and as soon as possible we will get a bid out on the next phase to get the project all the way down to Wyatt Street. This project is being funded with a grant from the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department, with our 1 percent city sales tax paying part as well.
Mowing season is almost over, however, I wanted to bring it to your attention, that grass clippings should not be blown into the streets. This is not only unsightly, but also very dangerous for motorcycle riders. This also creates clogging in our storm drains. The code Enforcement officer will be writing warnings for this and actual tickets, if necessary. We do have a City Ordinance against this .
City wide Thanksgiving dinner will be at the Bono community building on November 18th from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. Everyone is invited to this meal. We did this last year and had great success, great fellowship, and great food. This will be a joint effort by the Bono Church of Christ and the City of Bono. Be sure to bring your appetite and your smile and come enjoy a wonderful, free Thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings. There will be fliers printed and passed out before the event to remind you.
Bono Christmas Parade will be held on December 8th this year, with the 15th being the back up date if we are rained out. This has been one of the best parades in the area. Be sure to come and enjoy, and if you can do a float for your business or organization, we’d love that too.

Yours For a Better Bono

Danny C. Shaw-Mayor


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